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Best Yoga Poses to Combat Cramps

Best Yoga Poses to Combat Cramps Does burrowing under a blanket feel like your only defense against painful menstrual cramps? If staying sedentary is your go-to relief from cramps, you might want to reconsider your strategy. It might sound counterintuitive… Continue Reading →

Tired of PMS Anxiety and Irritability? 3 Simple Steps to Help Address These Issues!

Do you often find yourself feeling on edge and easily frustrated in the days leading up to your period? It’s not just that presentation at work that’s making you feel more anxious than normal. Fluctuations in mood, particularly anxiety and… Continue Reading →

Serenol PMS Solutions: Lifestyle Changes to Curb PMS

PMS Solutions: Lifestyle Changes You Can Start Today Stop dreading that time of the month! You can take control of your PMS symptoms with a few simple lifestyle changes. These changes may seem simple, but they aren’t always easy to… Continue Reading →

The 5 Best Period (& PMS!) Tracking Apps

Is a Period Tracking App Worth It? Yes, a period tracking app is worth it. Why? Because it helps you keep track of your cycle, anticipate PMS symptoms and notice right away if anything is amiss. The more women know… Continue Reading →

Eating a Healthy Diet to Manage PMS Mood Swings

Curious How to Stop PMS Mood Swings? Start with Your Diet! As if cramps, back pain and bloating weren’t enough, that time of the month also comes with its fair share of mental anguish too. Hormonal fluctuations leading up to… Continue Reading →

Real Talk: What Causes Bloating During My Period?

What Causes Bloating During My Period? If your favorite pair of jeans are suddenly feeling tighter than normal, don’t be too quick to blame yourself for eating that bowl of ice cream after dinner last night. Your hormones might just… Continue Reading →

PMS Symptoms: When is it Time to See Your Doctor?

It’s the visitor that comes monthly but is never welcome. PMS affects almost 85 percent of women during childbearing years and the symptoms range from bloating, cramping, food cravings and fatigue to mood swings, changes in your libido, brain fog… Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Crazy Cravings During PMS

It’s that time of the month, and you can’t stop thinking about eating a bag of chips. No, make that a burger and fries. Or, maybe a bowl of ice cream or chocolate-covered anything. You try to abstain, but to… Continue Reading →

PMS and Perimenopause: What You Should Know

How Are PMS and Perimenopause Symptoms Different? Women who have experienced PMS throughout their teens, 20’s and 30’s may be surprised to discover that the uncomfortable symptoms they have been coping with for years are suddenly no longer due to… Continue Reading →

How to Fight PMS Brain Fog

It seems to be happening more frequently and you can’t figure out why: You are in the middle of a conversation with a colleague and suddenly you lose your train of thought. You know you put your phone down, but… Continue Reading →

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