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What You Need to Know About Swedish Flower Pollen

The news is buzzing when it comes to Swedish flower pollen extract, and there’s good reason. Discovered first in Sweden and used for many years, flower pollen extract has been credited with having numerous health benefits. But what is it?… Continue Reading →

What is Royal Jelly and How Can It Help PMS Symptoms?

Most people recognize that bees are essential for crop pollination and beautifying gardens, but did you know they also produce Royal Jelly, which provides multiple health benefits? But before we get to why Royal Jelly is so great, what exactly… Continue Reading →

Talk to Your Doctor About PMS Symptoms to Get Helpful Advice

It’s easy to complain when PMS symptoms have got you down. Thanks to your period each month you seem to transform into another person, and not one you necessarily like. One moment you are quite content, going about your usual… Continue Reading →

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