Is a Period Tracking App Worth It?

Yes, a period tracking app is worth it. Why? Because it helps you keep track of your cycle, anticipate PMS symptoms and notice right away if anything is amiss. The more women know about their bodies, the better. Since period tracking apps follow every part of your cycle, they can help you manage your PMS symptoms – for example, by reminding you to eat healthily or drink more water before your period starts.

That’s not all! These apps provide a wealth of insight right at your fingertips. Period tracking apps make it easy to set reminders, and they can even show you charts and graphs of useful data, like duration of your past several periods. With so many options out there, we wanted to help you find the best one. Ready to take control of your cycle?

Benefits of Tracking Your Period and Ovulation

  • Answer your doctor’s questions about your period with certainty.
  • Predict future periods.
  • Plan vacations around your period.
  • Learn what signals your body gives you before you start your cycle.
  • Know when to take a pregnancy test.
  • Know the best time to try to conceive.
  • What’s the Best Period Tracking App?

    There are many options! Choose an app based on the features you want. Ask yourself what your main objectives are and how much insight you want to glean. Some apps are best for sexually active women who don’t want to get pregnant, others are more suited for women who want to get pregnant. Perhaps you need a feature that tells you when you’re most fertile or an app that allows you to share the data with your partner. Find the best app below.

    The following apps are available for Android and iPhone, and they’re also free!

    Period Tracking Apps

    If you don’t want the color pink or cute flower graphics, Clue is for you. Clue uses unique algorithms to learn from the data you provide and give more insight about your cycle. Not only that – the app also includes mood trackers, health logs, and exercise trackers. Clue’s website is full of articles and information for women who want to learn more about their menstrual cycle or have any questions.

    Period Tracker Lite
    This app is for those who want a simple way to keep track of their periods. The cute and simple interface is easy to navigate. All the data is represented in a calendar so you can see changes in menstrual symptoms such as cycle length, weight and more. The app even has a pregnancy mode, which counts down to the baby’s due date and provides helpful articles for each week of pregnancy. You can also export data and notes for your doctor’s use. If you can’t stand cute butterflies and flower icons, you should look at another app.

    Glow is a feature-packed ovulation and fertility app that can help women take control of their reproductive health. The app takes advantage of more than 40 different health signals that are used to measure your fertility and menstrual cycle. The app offers a subscription service for those looking for more insight, premium support or informative articles. The app also has a smart ovulation-strip reader powered by machine learning to help you decipher what the OPK strip is trying to tell you.

    Finally! Some users may find more features than they’ll ever use and should look elsewhere if they just want to track periods.

    My Cycles
    Trying to get pregnant? This app shows you on a calendar when your chances of conceiving are highest and can even send you helpful reminders. It uses ovulation prediction based on the Fertility Awareness Method. It can also record your pregnancy test results and keep track of medication and treatments. This app easily connects and integrates with other apps and personal health devices such as Fitbit, Apple Health and more. For those who like customization, this app allows users to select between different design themes.

    Eve provides an interactive format to help you track your periods with stunning charts and graphs. This app may not have all the features others have but is perfect for someone who is sexually active, doesn’t want to get pregnant and just wants a period tracker. The app provides free access to a community where you can ask questions and discuss anything health-, sex- or period-related. It also allows women to keep track of their sexual activity. Look elsewhere if you want an app that focuses more on fertility and ovulation.

    Most of these apps use the data you provide to forecast periods and fertility and to provide scientific insights. The longer and more often you use them, the more accurate they will be. Many of them provide similar insights, so find an interface you like and will use regularly.

    Help When You Need It

    Here at Serenol, we’re committed to women’s health and wellness. We want to provide women with the resources they need to take control of their reproductive cycle and anticipate any surprises or problems. The more women know about their bodies, the easier it is to tell when something is wrong. Using a period tracking app and making healthy lifestyle changes are big steps toward proactively managing your menstrual cycle.

    If you’re experiencing severe PMS symptoms, Serenol can help alleviate the emotional mood swings and physical discomfort. Learn more about this non-hormonal, bioactive substance that’s helping women manage PMS symptoms all over the world.


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