Most people recognize that bees are essential for crop pollination and beautifying gardens, but did you know they also produce Royal Jelly, which provides multiple health benefits?

But before we get to why Royal Jelly is so great, what exactly is it? Royal Jelly is a sticky substance produced by worker honey bees for the development and nurturing of queen bees (thus the “royal” in Royal Jelly). This milky secretion also is fed to larvae to survive their first days of life.

Royal Jelly, not to be confused with bee pollen (the food of the young bee), isn’t just for bees though!  It contains water, as well as several nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. It has been known to have many health benefits, including its ability to alleviate PMS symptoms, like mood swings, water retention, and fatigue.

Royal Jelly has played a role in Eastern medicine for many years, and its popularity as one of nature’s superfoods has spread worldwide. Although there have been few clinical trials on Royal Jelly and there is no consensus on how it works, supporters feel that regular use can benefit women’s reproductive health by balancing hormones, reducing PMS symptoms and regulating menstruation.

Researchers feel that Royal Jelly’s benefits may be even greater when combined with other products. For example, Serenol, a non-prescription nutritional supplement, contains Royal Jelly, as well as other ingredients, which together help relieve emotional symptoms of PMS. Royal Jelly has also been added as an ingredient in several other valued health products.

Royal Jelly can be taken as a liquid, pill or powder or rubbed on the skin. However, it may not be for everybody, especially those who suffer from bee or pollen allergies. You should consult your physician before taking it, as it can have negative side effects, including allergic reactions, asthma, hemorrhagic colitis, and anaphylaxis.

Everyone experiences PMS in her own way, so it’s important to find solutions that are right for you. Royal Jelly, with its many health benefits, may help reduce your PMS symptoms and have you feeling more like yourself.

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